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Hello my loves. Wow, it's been over five months since I submitted anything or made a new journal entry. A lot has happened, but the only real thing that I want to mention was that lovely annual event known as Phoenix Comicon. As always it was so much fun, and I had a blast. This year I dressed up as Derpy Hooves. A good number of people really liked it. I got hugs and gave out muffins, though I wish that I had bought more. The shirt, pants, wig, and hair extension (which served as my tail) were bought. I did however style the wig and paint the cutie mark on the pants. I also made the wings, ears, and arm warmers. I learned a lot from this and hope to do better in my sewing next year. So now that I've talked about the costume, now for more about the con.

I was at the con from Friday to Sunday. Every penny and hour I spent into the costume and going to the con itself was totally worth it. I can't help but laugh about Friday at the con. The reason being is I was at the con from around 9am to close to midnight, and for most of that time I had been running on 3 hours of sleep, a muffin, an ice cream cone, and two drinks (ramune and canned coffee) with energy to spare. I didn't go quite that nuts the rest of the con. I went to several panels such as "Best Recent Anime" and "Anime Obscuro 18+" (the latter did not feature hentai but it did have some stuff that is not suitable for minors) along with many others. Thanks to that though I now know of some really cool looking anime to watch. In fact, one of the anime mentioned in one of the panels is called "The Daily Lives of High School Boys" which I watched for the past couple of nights and loved it. I typically don't do "slice of life" stuff and have been going out of my way to avoid high school anime, but this one was worth making the exception. It was just way too funny, and I was dying almost the whole time. There was also a golden moment when me and a bunch of bronies and other ponies walked around the block singing a few songs from the show. Granted, during the Pinkie Pie smile song me and several others had our blank out moments. It was still fun doing that though. All in all though, I'd say that Sunday was oddly enough the day that was the most rewarding. I went to a panel that featured the voice actors Phill LaMarr, Quinton Flynn, and Vic Mignogna. These three were so funny and so cool. I had also gone to the panel of Phill alone which was great. He's a fun guy. I also went to the panel that was supposed to be a solo for Quinton, but they said he got caught up in traffic and missed it. In all brutal honesty that was the reason that I went to the panel with all three of them, but in the end I'm so glad things worked out that way. After the panel I went and got their autographs and photos. I was so nervous that my leg was shaking (picture Bambi learning how to walk kind of shaking, and my legs were also shaking like that after I got them too). I can't help but laugh a little thinking about when I was second in line for Phill and Quinton, I ended up spouting out "oh crap the line is short". Phill was nice enough to offer adding my name to the sig, but I told him that I would have the others sign too so he left out any greeting (he signed first). I had the opportunity to take the photos with the actors but since I am about as photogenic as damn Bigfoot I asked to just take their photos alone. I end up on impulse getting an actual photo signed with Vic (it also had Ed Elric in it). Vic was so sweet, when I asked for a hug he said "of course sweetheart". Needless to say I haven't shut up about that :laughing:. My poor friends, roommates, and co workers are going to hear about that for a while. In my defense, how often does a girl get a hug from a cute voice actor? If you said never to rarely or something in that category you are correct. So I chose to savor the moment because I'm just that kind of woman. Though most of the con was a lot of fun, there were some really uncool moments. The biggest ones were when I ran into people that I ended friendships/relationships on really bad terms (the latter he didn't see me but I was still annoyed as hell to see his face). Despite this, after the panel and autographs the anger and unease I felt from those events vanished into thin air, and I was so happy for several hours afterwards. I know the Phoenix Comicon isn't the "best and biggest" of any sort of con, but it's been more than enough to make me happy. I just can't wait for next year. My cosplay is going to be better and I'm going to have even more fun :w00t:
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